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TIGERLILY BELGIUM was born in Antwerp, the capital of fashion, founded by Bianca Scheerlinck.

For the LOVE of always keeping things simple, fun, and honest – the foundation for the company was born under these life rules. This is exactly what TIGERLILY stands for!

Besides looking for the finest materials and the best ways to make LOVABLE designs out of them, it’s also a fun challenge to design the clothes in such a way that almost every woman feels good in it.
Let’s not make things too complicated, we all love an effortless classy WEARABLE look don’t we ladies?

A good BASIC is the foundation of every wardrobe

We ship worldwide, in order to provide woman all over the world with our TIMELESS knits, which are handmade with love in BELGIUM.

All our knitwear comes with the guarantee of giving you that great feeling of elegant CHIQUE for every occasion; either for lunch, dinner, work, walking on the beach, pullover on breezy nights or to lighten up a classic outfit. Let’s keep our outfits airy, and CLASSY at all times!

Enjoy your shopping experience! X